The Mantra Namo Amitabhaya – Gate to eternal light

amitabha-engThis booklet presents the old mantra Namo Amitābhaya. This mantra is a key to the eternal, pure light, which is the source and primordial ground of our being. It is the essence of most of our religions, mystical traditions and spiritual paths. The Dzogchen master Shangshi explaines the mantra and introduces a mantra ceremony, thru which we can enter into the eternal light and experience it concretely in our lives. The printed booklet and the ebook both include links to a video of Dalibai und an audio sample of two mantras. Order book (10,70 €) 

 The living Dao – an introduction

dao-smallIn this small booklet Andrea Thiele summarizes the essence of the teaching of Master Shangshi. Master Shangshi talks about how to live in absolute freedom and how to enter into the infinite limitles state of being. His teaching is modern and independent of any Relgion, but it has its roots in the thousand year old wisdom of dzogchen (DinA6 /68 pages). The Master: Master Shangshi is a lineage holder of the Tibetan Dzogchen tradition Yamdi. Moreover, he has extensive knowledge of other Buddhist traditions, Taoism and Christian mysticism, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Qigong, Kung Fu and the I Ching. His main topic is the `awakening to the reality of being´ that he teaches independently of any religion. Order book (8.56)

 Das Mantra Namo Amitabhaya- Tor zum ewigen Licht

amitabhaDiese Schrift stellt das uralte Mantra `Namo Amitabhaya´ vor. Das Mantra ist ein Schlüssel zum ewigen, reinen Licht. Dieses ewige Licht ist die Quelle, der Urgrund unseres Seins. Es ist die Essenz vieler großer Religionen, mystischer Traditionen und spiritueller Wege. Meister Shangshi erklärt das Mantra und stellt eine Zeremonie vor, mit deren Hilfe wir in das ewige Licht eintreten und es ganz konkret in unserem Leben erfahren können. * Mit Links zum Dalibai-Video und Hörproben der Mantren. Die gedruckte Broschüre (DinA5, 50 Seiten, inkl. Sonnenmandala zum Aufstellen) ist 10.00 € plus Verstandkosten erhältlich. Broschüre bestellen (10.70 €)