The mantra `Namo Amitābhaya´ is a key to the eternal, pure light, which is the source and primordial ground of our being. It is the essence of most of our religions, mystical traditions and spiritual paths.

buddha-bildTranslated `Namo Amitābhaya´ means: `Entering into the limitless Light´. This light goes beyond all boundaries; beyond nations, traditions and religions. Everybody can practice the mantra Namo Amitābhaya freely, regardless of whether they are Buddhist or not, follow another religion or atheist, educated or not, young or old, skilled in the mantra practice or entirely inexperienced. The mantra `Namo Amitābhaya’ is open to anyone who longs for the eternal, boundless light.

It is the fastest and most powerful way to enter into the eternal light. It is the easiest way to directly experience the eternal light in our lives.

In Asia, this mantra is the centre of Amitābha Buddhism, also known a20150828_202936s the Pure Land School. The mantra Namo Amitābhaya, however, stems from the time before the birth of Buddha in Persia. Once Buddhism emerged, it absorbed the ancient light mantra. Today, the return to the eternal light is at the heart of Pure Land Buddhism. This light is not bound to any religion. It is the same light of the one true reality that is hidden behind all our religions. Jesus said: `God is light´and also: `I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.´

However, many people have lost their connection to the eternal light. For this reason, I have decided to make the Amitābha ceremony, which is described on this homepage, accessible to the Western world. This ceremony is very simple. It does not require any intensive or long preparation. You just need to be open, dedicated and honest in your heart. Whoever practices this ceremony regularly and with the right inner attitude in the heart, will experience the eternal, limitless light and its concrete effects. This is because this practice opens our heart and lets the eternal light work within us.

Through the recitation of the mantra and the accompanying ceremony we can become one again with the eternal light of reality. Whoever practices this ceremony regularly and sincerely will experience how destructive habits and barriers resolve, and how physical and psychological problems heal in a natural way. They will experience deep peace, bliss and boundless freedom.