The mantra has multiple applications – for ourselves and for others who we want to help.

1. To open to the light – the daily ceremony

I recommend carrying out the ceremony every day. The ceremony takes between 45 and 90 minutes. We should conduct it in a sheltered place and ensure there is enough time for it. To get to know the mantra better, we can use the mantra in everyday life, such as while washing the dishes or taking a walk. Only at impure places the mantra should not be spoken (e.g. in the bathroom) as well as while carrying out impure activities. We speak the mantra with a respectful attitude (not while lying comfortably in bed or stretched out on a sofa). Also, we should not speak the mantra while under time pressure or in rush. Each chanting requires a respectful and open attitude in the heart.

2. Generating of Healing water – for oneself and all living things, including plants.

We place a bottle with still mineral or tap water next to the suns mandala or we can leave the bottle in the room, where we carry out our daily ceremony. We then adopt a respectful attitude and say the mantra: Wan yǒu fēi zhēn Wei yǒu běn zhēn (3-5 times). We feel the light in our heart and chant Namo Amitābhaya for at least twenty minutes. After the completion of the ceremony we look into the water and see how the water is completely filled with the light of Amitābha.

3. Treatment of people

A. Pain or local diseases: The mantra helps to relieve pain. In the case of pain or local illness we put our hands on the painful or ill part of the person we are treating.

sonnenuntergang-maedchenWe say the mantra: Wan yǒu fēi zhēn Wei yǒu běn zhēn (3-5 times). We feel the light in our heart and chant Namo Amitābhaya for ten to twenty minutes. Here, we imagine that the light permeates the painful, ill part of the body.

B. Discomfort in the whole body or the psyche: At discomfort in the whole body or the psyche, we put our hand on top of the head (the crown) of the person and do the same procedure as described above under point A, except that we imagine that the whole body of the person we are treating is permeated by light. The mantra helps against insomnia, nightmares and psychological upsets (very well applicable to crying babies). Even chronic illnesses can be treated with it, although in this case, multiple treatments over a longer period of time are required.