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I am looking forward to your feedback. Do not hesitate to ask questions or share your experiences. If you have successfully completed the mantra test, upload your pictures to the blog. Tell others about your positive experiences. If something is unclear ask questions in the blog. I will answers as soon as possible. Your experience and feedback can help others.


  1. Lawrence

    These tomato plants I grew with Namo Amitabhaya water. I had 6 plants in total. 3 of these (the ones with the white sticker), I gave the same amount of Amitabha water to every day and the others, I have the same amount of normal water. There is a difference quite early, but one plant in particular looks like it is full of vitality!!


  2. Anja

    This is the mantra-test of Anja. She did 5 days 30 minutes amitabha mantra to the right joghurt. the left on was standing outside the fridge without mantra.


  3. Shangshi

    Yes, you are on the right way. Just simply do it step by step. Most important is, you are aware, you do every step with amitabha together. Let the pure light carry you, to do it more and more easy, as the pure light shows itself through your mantra chanting. Do not work hard for it or try to make it happen. Open for the pure light and it will carry you.

  4. Steve

    Hello, I started to practice the mantra about 14 days ago.
    In the first days I had to fight a bit with my ego, but it goes fine now.
    So I enter step by step into the full ceremony.
    It’s about a week that I do the full ceremony.
    I can sing up to 10′ now without real efforts now.
    I Sing 10/anxi 5/10/anxi and closing prayer.
    During the sing of the mantra, my hands are glues, like magnetized and I feel a warm into my body.

    I will continue to increase step by step the time to sing the mantra.
    Hope I am on the good way ?

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